Sunday, November 29

Kit Kemp and Firmdale

Firmdale's Crosby Street Hotel in New York is open! Here are some images of the new suites and guest areas.

above images from Firmdale

Here are a few more images of Kit Kemp's design work from Apartment Therapy

And some more from seesawdesigns blog

Saturday, November 28

Amy Butler

Amy Butler is a fabric/pattern designer whose designs work fantastically on fabrics for clothing, home and other items such as bags, notebooks and stationery. They are great for quilting too! Here are a few of my favourite patterns of hers:

all images from amy butler

Thursday, November 26

A favourite corner of my house

this is a favourite corner of my house - displaying 2 of my recent paintings along with a gorgeous bookshelf containing all my cooking books and photo albums and a cute lampshade from india. There's a baby's shoe box on the bottom shelf that belongs to my son - it was his first pair of shoes (in 1995). Also a handmade/handpainted terracotta bowl with lid from Italy on the top shelf. Oh, and a cheap tall lamp from Ikea - oh well, it does the job!

Monday, November 23

Fabric covered sofas

Busy, printed, colourful fabrics on sofas and armchairs are coming back and I'm very happy about it. One of my favourite past-times is to re-cover an old armchair or sofa with a favourite printed fabric. Following on the quilt theme I've found a few interesting patchwork covered sofas and armchairs too. I'll be keeping an eye out for old armchairs when car-boot sale season starts up again next spring!

visual vamp

nibs blog

Marcel Wanders print sofa from visual vamp

living etc

george smith sofa from house to home

fresh design blog

fenwick store (my photo)

these 2 are from John Robshaw's blog - i love his fabric on these sofas made by Cisco Brothers

an urban outfitters chair from nibs blog

living etc - notice the amazing shelving next to the chair!!
another great chair covered with John Robshaw fabric

Thursday, November 19


Lately, I seem to have become obsessed with quilts. About 4 weeks ago I decided that I had enough fabric scraps as well as some really nice fabrics to make myself and my daughter a quilt. Since that first thought, everywhere I look there are quilts! I found a few nice quilts on Anthropologie which are a great source of inspiration. Then they started appearing on blogs I read..... see below!
I'm sure it will be at least a year before I get a photo of my completed quilt on this blog. So for now here are the ones that I am inspired by.

tsk tsk

Here are a few from Anthropologie:

And a couple from flickr:


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