Thursday, August 30

Tuesday, August 28

Day trip to Durdle Door

On Sunday we escaped London and got out to the wild west - well Dorset anyway!

Photo by Anand 

Saturday, August 25

Lucy Fenton's Melbourne home

 The fantastic and amazing home of Lucy Fenton as seen in this month's Inside Out magazine.
Images from homelife

Thursday, August 23

2 new prints in my etsy shop

It seems to take me forever to finish anything at the moment, but miraculously there are 2 new prints now for sale in my etsy shop: Children of the World and Enchanted Tree.
Children of the World
Enchanted Tree

Printed canvas cushions

My new favourite thing is printed canvas or hessian cushions, or cushions made out of old flour/rice/sugar sacks. I can't wait to get hold of some of these and arrange them on my leather sofa.

photo badly taken by me in tk maxx


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