Wednesday, November 30

Newtown NSW

My mum sent me this link to a lovely house for sale in Newtown... love the real wood floors, the art on the wall in the eating area, and the decking out the back with the pool...

Sunday, November 20

knitted cupcakes

Don't these knitted cupcakes look so delicious and edible? My daughter is going to teach herself to knit them - can't wait to see the results! (Some of the links below have the patterns included.)

Friday, November 18

Mixed media still life with red pot

I did this painting as a kind of experiment in newspaper collage - I don't think it's worked so well, but I like aspects of it!

Oil paint and newspaper on board

Wednesday, November 9

Friday, November 4

Personalised home portraits

I'm offering a new item on etsy - personalised home portraits (a fully customised digitally printed illustration of your home in my style). I'm charging US$135.00 for this (around £86) for a one-off original illustration of your home. The reason for the charge is (perhaps obviously) due to the amount of work involved (and time spent) in creating the illustration. Have a look at my etsy shop here! Hope to get some orders soon (fingers crossed)!


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