Wednesday, March 31

Emma Walker

I have blogged about the beautiful work of Emma Walker before. Just had a look back to her website today and discovered new work. She seems to have changed direction recently, quite drastically in fact. In her most recent exhibition, The Dawn Language, she has moved from the heat of the Australian landscape and rich earthiness to the celestial with a cooler, dreamier feeling. I was going to say 'more spiritual' but all her paintings are spiritual in their own way. Her earlier landscapes are also quite dreamlike with mere suggestions of human presence - to me they are an Aboriginal presence - amongst the trees, hills and water, as part of the landscape.
A Lifetime of Moments Dispersing
Laid to Rest
The Rising
all images from Emma Walker

Tuesday, March 30

Dappled sunlight

Isn't dappled sunlight magical? I love it when it streams across a room, transforming the room into a magical place. Some of these images (mostly from flickr) remind me of my childhood, as, in the mornings (and the afternoons), we used to get a lot of dappled sunlight across my parent's garden. Come to think of it, almost every time I see dappled sunlight now it reminds me of Sydney and I think it's because the part of Sydney I grew up and lived in happens to have more trees near the houses than where I live now (and probably more days of sunshine too)!
this one particularly reminds me of a sunny Sydney morning!
my current living room

Monday, March 29

The Society Inc

The Society inc. is an old haberdashery meets hardware store specialising in local and global textiles, furniture, homewares and beautiful things.
It is owned by Sibella Court, herself an established stylist. Four times a year she changes the theme of the store, to match the seasons. These images are from her inspiration-photo-albumson her website of the different themes. I just adore these gypsy-traveller themes!

all images from the society inc

Sunday, March 28

My house photos part 2

I finally got around to taking some photos of my red kitchen, along with some other bits of the house that I like. Unfortunately after all the careful shooting, I realised I'd left the iso on the wrong setting - oh well, never mind!

Saturday, March 27

The Chalet, Medlow Bath

Still into the real estate this morning! This has to be one of my favourite places in the world. Medlow Bath, that is. The small hamlet in the Blue Mountains where The Chalet is now for sale. My grandparents owned 2 properties next door to The Chalet when I was a child and we used to stay in either of them in school holidays. Our land backed onto the back of The Chalet, where the owner's horses were kept - we used to feed them grass and carrots! The Chalet still retains its old Blue Mountains character, but I hope the new owner will update some of the bedrooms and living areas to give the place more of a modern country look.
The Great Western Highway passing through Medlow Bath outside the Hydro Majestic
One of the old houses my grandparents used to own, unfortunately not ours anymore :(

Thursday, March 25

Cotswold home

For some strange reason I have ended up on the mailing list of an estate agent in the Cotswolds (maybe the universe is trying to tell me something). They sent me an email this morning of this gorgeous 17th century stone cottage for sale - if only I could afford it!

Tuesday, March 23

Houses in print

Here's a sneak peek of my house designs. The first one is based on Sydney terrace houses, mostly from Paddington. The second one is based on - can you guess?? - yes, New York brownstones, another favourite of mine. I'm developing different designs for cards and tea towels.

Monday, March 22

Leanne Graeff

After my post on tea towels I had a deeper look into the work of Leanne Graeff, as her houses were so inspiring. It turns out she has two small children and still manages to produce amazing work (well, why wouldn't she?)! She prints most of her lovely lino cuts on her kitchen table, making me realise you don't need a studio to produce work (that's been my latest excuse).


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