Tuesday, March 16

tea towel fascination

My latest obsession is tea towels, especially the hand-printed variety. I've designed some this week which I hope to screen print in the summer (as I don't have a uv lamp I'll need to rely on the English sun to develop the screen). In the meantime I'm loving these hand-printed and vintage tea towels. You may notice that there's a lot of native Australian flora on my choice of towels and that is because these plants make such great graphic images and shapes. One Australian artist who depicted them in a unique way was Margaret Preston, but more on her later! Another theme I love on tea towels is houses and that is what my tea towels will display.

above items from thea and sami

above items from flowerpress
above from leanne graeff

above items from laughing bird

lucienne day tea towels above from twentytwentyone
vintage tea towels above from bloesem


  1. Thank you Nat for including me with so many beautiful tea towels (funnily enough all favourites of mine!)
    There are some beautiful tea towels out there. It would be easy to become a tea towel collector :-)

  2. Those houses from Leanne Graeff are wonderful! I saw a nice blog post recently where someone had framed tea towels to use as art. These are definitely worthy of that.

  3. Thanks Natalie for including my towels. It's nice to see other Aussie talent too :)


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