Friday, September 28

I've been ripped off!

I just cannot believe this. After reading about Marks and Spencer ripping off Rachael Taylor I discovered today that some of their new products feature motifs off one of my designs!

See the circled bits on the image above? Now recognise them below on my ORIGINAL design called Retro Breakfast which I've done in 3 colourways. My prints have been selling in my etsy shop for 2 years and loads of people have purchased them. The bowl, the mug and the design on the sugar bowl/coffee pot on their products are all mine! How lazy is that - stealing someone else's designs!!

Saturday, September 15

Karolin Schnoor

A few weeks ago I blogged about Karolin Schnoor here on my treehillcloud blog as I loved her designs for the new Royal Doulton range, Fable. I've just had a look at her website and become a fan - her illustrations are gorgeous!

Friday, September 14

David Boyle architects

Happy Friday! This week's been a whirl with lots of work to do for our business, Artistic Visions. Hopefully I'll get to finish some personal projects this weekend, and begin some too as I'm going to Shepherd's Bush on Saturday to hunt for tea towel cottons to screen print my retro kitchen design on in a 1 colour print. I'm planning to get them into my etsy shop in time for Christmas!
Summer's coming to an end here so to bring back some warmth here's a lovely beachy holiday house.
It's designed by David Boyle Architects and is just outside Sydney. It has that lovely Aussie beach holiday feel - reminds me of my childhood! Love all the cane furniture too.

images from David Boyle architects

Monday, September 10

Restored Brownstone in Brooklyn

Hello everyone! These last few weeks have been super busy with getting the kids ready to return to school etc. During recent internet browsings I stumbled across this restored brownstone in Brooklyn - completely Victorian as it was originally! I have to say I find it all a bit heavy and dark but the kitchen is gorgeous! View the article here.

from the New York Times


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