Monday, June 25

my work featured on InsideOut blog

My work is featured on the iconic InsideOut blog today - yipee!
Many thanks to Lee Tran Lam for her wonderful post!


Natalie Singh

by Lee Tran Lam
“I’m totally obsessed with homes, houses, interiors,  architecture,” says Natalie Singh.
This fixation translates nicely to her illustrations, which are inspired by actual homes as well as rooms she’s seen online – from websites such as Mim Design,Design To Inspire – and on the pages of Inside Out (in particular, Andrea Duff’s home in Byron Bay from ‘Hills & Harbours’ story in our March-April 2012 edition – you can find this on Zinio if you’d like to see more). “The bedroom is inspired by a house I lived in, in inner Sydney, when I was a student,” she says.
Now Natalie is based in London, where she runs a print/design business called Artistic Visions and also works up some illustrations on Etsy.
She also does one-off works – “I’ve recently completed a commission for a house portrait of a house in Randwick, as well as a still-life in oils for a woman in Glasgow!” Currently, she’s also collaborating with a fabric manufacturer in the US to develop repeat patterns for print. Hopefully future issues of our mag might even spark a few ideas or two.
For more about Natalie, visit her Tree Hill Cloud Etsy page.
Lee Tran, managing editor

Wednesday, June 20

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Monday, June 18

Friends are Very Special People - vintage childrens' book

I've been waiting for the chance to blog about vintage childrens' books and this one is a gem! I had this book as a young child. About 6 or 7 of my childhood books have stuck in my mind, mainly because of the illustrations rather than the stories! I love the colours used in the book especially the front and back inner cover pages (below). It's called Friends are Very Special People and was written by Lillian Tarry and illustrated by Arlene Noel.

Friday, June 15

Baines & Fricker

Baines and Fricker are a husband and wife team who launched their design company at 100% Design in 2011. Steve Baines makes beautiful and original furniture and Eliza Fricker works as an illustrator and screenprinter. Last year their Harris Tweed Rocker was a Blueprint Finalist for Best New Product at 100% Design. Together their work is unique and they have recently added some lovely new things to their website, and more about their lives on their blog.
Dolls House
 Fruit Crates



Harris Tweed Rocker


All images ©Copyright Baines and Fricker

Monday, June 4

Gorgeous Sydney terraced house

This terraced house for sale in Woollahra is just perfect - spacious, light, airy and full of art!


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