Saturday, January 28

retro kids bedding

Love the design of Retro Holiday from Kas Australia kids collection - especially the kangaroos hopping throughout!

Thursday, January 26

Fresh Screened in Porches

(sorry to those who commented yesterday, posted here was the wrong post from the guest blogger - oops! Hope you enjoy this one just as much)
Hi! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful source for beautiful light fixtures and even interior design inspiration. We're nearly through Winter and I'm really looking forward to warmer evenings, and what's more relaxing on a nice Spring or Summer evening than spending the last few hours of the day chatting with friends and families on a fresh screened in porch. I hope you enjoy!

Cozy Porch

A neutral color palette and subtle floral patterns give this screened in porch a lovely, fresh atmosphere. I love the Japanese garden lantern by the wicker sofa.

Oriental Porch

Plenty of fresh green vegetation and durable khaki textiles keep this screened in porch feeling like it is part of the backyard garden. The mismatched pendant lights and string of bare bulbs must give this space a magical glow in the evening.

Porch Decoration

This lovely screened in porch has a very relaxing, vintage atmosphere couresty of the antique burlap sack pillows and beautiful French windows. I love the pop of orange from the throw blanket.

Porch with Wall Sconces

A vibrant shade of green really makes this porch stand out beautifully. The pair of traditional rocking chairs complete the scene. Nothing like sitting back and sipping an iced tea on a warm afternoon. The simple, industrial wall sconces are an excellent choice.

Roomy Porch

This porch is prepared for anything. A large brick fireplace keeps the porch warm and inviting during colder months, and the screen and ceiling fan help cool down hotter summer days. I love that there is enough room for a dining table.

Porch with Daybed

A dreamy daybed, Fall wreaths and antique furniture are such a romantic combination on this porch. The 18th century painting is a unique accent piece, too.

Elegant Porch

I love the crisp white color of this porch with sleek black accents. A black and white color palette is almost always chic, and this porch is no exception. Multiple candles throughout the space add a romantic touch.

Celebrity Porch

This beautiful porch belongs to comedienne Ellen Degeneres. The wood furnishings and floor give the space a calm atmosphere and beautiful texture. The partial screening and white walls help make the porch feel more intimate, as well. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Which of these lovely screened in porches is your favorite? If you're looking for outdoor lighting fixtures for your own porch, stop by Arcadian Lighting and find the perfect one for you home!

Thursday, January 19

valentine's day card

well here it is... my very first valentine's day card design! I'll be uploading it to my etsy shop soon! Now available on my etsy shop!

Tuesday, January 17

Elaine Pamphilon

Elaine Pamphilon's watercolours of British landscapes are stunning and evocative.
"Elaine Pamphilon works by taking mental notes about colour, shapes, lines and textures whilst out walking. She is drawn to the haphazard nature of the countryside and seaside, and from man's intervention and marks on the landscape."
The Medici Gallery

Living On The Edge, Cornwall
Green Path & Cloud Of Starlings
Nature Reserve, Fulbourn
Wooded Valley, Border Country
Black Path

Wednesday, January 11

Fanny Shorter

On Monday I spend some time in Westfield (Shepherd's Bush) with my brother who is visiting from Australia. We stumbled upon a Twinings Tea shop which was selling beautifully illustrated mugs by illustrator and printmaker Fanny Shorter. There are 6 in the range featuring illustrations of the History of Tea, from it's early beginnings in China in 2737 BC to the present day. Each mug is bone china. What a find!

Friday, January 6

Bruce Rickard house for sale in Cottage Point

I'm so excited! There's a Bruce Rickard house for sale in Cottage Point in Sydney! It's a beautiful house in a very beautiful location, named Rickard House III.
“You are virtually in the trees and there is this immediacy between you and the water and the trees and the landscape.” Bruce Rickard says of the house. It's listed here and here.

more Armelle Habib

Let me begin this first post of 2012 by wishing you all a Happy 2012!

In December I posted a few photos of Armelle Habib's which I liked here. I wanted to complete that post with some more images I discovered on The Design Files here. They are photos taken by Armelle of her own home in Melbourne. Love the brightness and natural light in all the shots. Apparently Armelle was assistant to Sharyn Cairns for 2 years which explains the beauty of the shots and her clever use of natural light. Thanks to Lucy from The Design Files and Armelle Habib for kind permission.

all photos Armelle Habib


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