Friday, July 22

etsy update

 I've just updated my etsy shop with 7 posters for sale. They are all digital prints designed from hand-drawn images. I've deliberately designed them to fit in an Ikea Ribba frame which is 42x52cm assembled, and has an inner mount-board measurement of 29x39cm. Please have a browse if you get time!

Saturday, July 9

Rose Hilton

Life Class Painting at Botallack, 2010

I was at a friend's house last weekend, flicking through her House & Garden magazines, as you do. I came across the artist Rose Hilton whose work resonated with me immediately. These are the 2 paintings from the magazine, which a couple had designed their entire home decor around. I can totally understand why - the paintings are so vibrant! Rose Hilton is based in St Ives, Cornwall, which has a huge artist community.
both images from Rose Hilton

Thursday, July 7

the changing light

 As always, I've been getting distracted by the changes in light as we go through the day, especially with the recent stormy weather making everything much more interesting than normal (the sky, clouds, reflections etc.). Here are some photos capturing what I find too fascinating to ignore, so I hope others will enjoy them too.
 sunset, after the storm (taken from the porch, hence the light reflection in the glass)
 morning sunlight in the hallway
garden reflection in the interior window of my kitchen looking through towards living room & hallway
sunset over neighbouring houses & backyards
my son, 1 year ago (yes we are all mac-addicts in this house!)

Monday, July 4

garden ramblings

 This part of the garden has waited almost 12 months to be prepared for planting and it finally happened recently. I hope my hydrangeas will spread and fill most of this space, allowing a small amount of space for dahlias and other flowering perennials such as peonies and lavender (see below). Down below are some of our neighbours' gardens which I really like and am taking inspiration from!
 after planting
 well laid out Japanese inspired garden
 love the messy unkempt look here
hebe and grasses are a great combination


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