Friday, May 31

Not on the High Street store now open!

My new store is now open and operating on Not on the High Street! It took me a while to decide to join, but now that I finally have, I'm glad I did. Please visit and check it out!!!

Wednesday, May 29

front doors

We have been renovating our house. When we bought it in 2005 we spent about a year cleaning it up, making the kitchen and bathroom useable etc. Now that our kids are almost out of their teenage years, we realised we needed the roof space - the loft - to become a bedroom. So now it's my son's room, with an additional bathroom. It's been fun planning all the decor, particularly as it's on a shoestring budget!
Now we have decided to replace the dated looking frosted aluminium front door as it's extremely ugly. I'm on the hunt for a lovely door which lets the light in. Here are a few images that have inspired me for the doors. In the next few weeks I'll be posting images of staircases (we've stripped off the many layers of paint on ours), and also fireplaces as we've pulled out the ugly bathroom-tiled one we had!

Friday, May 24

A Level Graphic Design Final Piece - 30 Second Stop Motion Advert

My son created this video for his yr12 A Levels Graphic Communication final piece last year. In the video he uses several techniques of paper folding, hand drawn images and stop motion, to combine all the work he did throughout the year in the final project. He did get an A for it! The video is his idea of how to promote the British Museum in London.

Tuesday, May 21

Wednesday, May 8

new A5 notebook covers sneak peek

A sneak peek of the proofs of my new A5 notebook covers.
Spiral bound A5 notebooks soon to be available in my etsy shop!

Wednesday, May 1

Rural Australian Homes by Leta Keens

I could not resist buying this book as soon as (actually, before) it was released. The name was tempting enough, but as soon as I saw the cover I knew I would need this book. I waited 3 months for it to arrive, which it finally did, 2 days before my birthday, which was perfect timing! Here are a few photos I found online of the inside pages of the book. Absolutely stunning 'normal' family homes filled with character, beauty and love. These homes are not 'designed' by any means, and have been photographed beautifully (by photographer Simon Griffiths) in their natural state. The story (brilliantly written by Leta Keens) that goes with each home is fascinating, telling the history of each home and the people who live in it. Highly recommended!


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