Tuesday, June 28

a new business project

 You might have noticed I haven't been blogging much lately, or doing much creative work.... and there's a reason for it. We have a very exciting project happening, which we hope will be a big success - we are moving our business into the high street! A year ago we found this empty shop and after negotiating the lease we finally got the key on a temporary basis and as the building needs a lot of work we are being allowed to fit out our shop in the mean time! It's going to be a design studio, printing shop and photography studio all in one. Here are some photos of the progress so far, all designed and built by my talented husband:
 the front counter still to be painted and have the top added on
 recovering the office partitions with some funky denim fabric (forgot to take a pic of the finished product!)

Monday, June 20

Yesterday the kids and I went for a walk in the evening in a lovely woodland near our home. It really is a very beautiful area and would be a great place for a photo shoot.

Sunday, June 12

wow - I've got 70 followers! Thank you for following, I really appreciate it, even though I haven't been very regular in my blogging lately. Whenever I get to the landmark of 100 followers I shall celebrate with a card giveaway of new designs (as pictured), and perhaps throw in an alphabet poster (still to come on etsy)!

Friday, June 10

 We have fortunately had a lot of heavy rain lately, after no rain for almost 2 months - unheard of in the UK! My fascination is with the blackest darkest clouds overhead, waiting to spill their nectar on the parched earth. They look especially dramatic behind sunlit trees and houses.

My phone took this panorama with an app called Photosynth which 'stitches' the images together. The 2 black and white houses are actually directly opposite each other on this road.

Saturday, June 4

Spira Haga fabric

Spira Haga Sand fabric by Bitte Stenström
Spira Haga Green and Grey cushion
Spira Haga Turquoise cushion
don't they look lovely together?
all images from hus & hem


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