Sunday, February 28

freestanding bathtubs

Last week my husband part retiled our bathroom - we had to buy boring beige tiles to match what was there before, rather than being able to change the colour scheme (I would have gone for turquoise). But it got me thinking about my dream bathroom - a freestanding bathtub right in the centre of the room would be top of the list. That and a separate shower... dream on....
images from livingetc, house beautiful, house to home

Saturday, February 27

vintage pillowcase

A couple of months ago I asked my mum if she still had one of my childhood pillowcases in the house. She informed me it was long gone, so I gave up all hope. But yesterday I received an email from her with a photo of it - my lovely floral 70s pillowcase! I also tried to get hold of a couple of eiderdowns my nana made when I was a child, covered in a beautiful psychedelic pink and green fabric, but they were thrown in the bin 2 weeks before I thought to ask her :(

Friday, February 26

featured on Struggling to be Stylish

Many thanks to Struggler for featuring me as 'guest blogger' on her wonderful blog today! What a great honour it is!!! Thanks so much...

new sewing machine

here it is finally!!
now I can continue with my sewing projects at last

Thursday, February 25

rustic: natural materials

wood, wool, ceramic, leather - rustic natural materials that give us comfort in our everyday lives...

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Tuesday, February 23

Struggling to be Stylish

This is the first of an idea I have had to do a {roughly} monthly post on other blogs that I like... and the blog I have chosen this time is an entertaining and informative blog full of good humour and style tips: Struggling to be Sylish. So much for 'struggling' - I suspect this writer knows exactly what she's talking about! The blog full of advice, opinions and great shopping tips, not to mention great taste in clothes and interiors! An example of this is the Boden catalogue love (I also love Boden).

...and great taste emerges once again in Pottery Barn love...

I particularly liked the post entitled 'They'll paint it for you!' which opens our eyes to the ease of transforming an old heavy piece of furniture into a modern classic - diy or pay the professionals... either way, a brilliant idea.
And finally, this post by Struggler is a revelation! Such a great idea to rejuvenate one's home. The idea is to make one small change (she suggests what to do) in your home each day from Monday to Friday - it might be small but it can make all the difference in how the home looks and feels. I'm inspired!!!

Sunday, February 21

Adirondack house

This is an amazing house - transformed from an old general store!  The owners now operate tea rooms from the front of the house in summer. So colourful!
images from old house online

Thursday, February 18

february calendar

This is my Feb calendar hanging on the wall above my desk, but unfortunately I can't remember where i found these images!

Tuesday, February 16

Victoria and Albert quilts exhibition

coral leaves

The V&A is having an exhibition of British quilts, showing quilts as old as 300 years to the present, starting on 20th March - I can't wait! Here are some of my favourites from their website:

Bishops Court quilt 1690-1700

Rajah Quilt 1841 - made by convicts on board HMS Rajah on the way to Australia!

They are selling some extra special printed quilting fabrics through their website.


india flower


hearts (green)

leaf (green)


These fat quarter packs are just too tempting:


Monday, February 15

wood versus steel in kitchens

I am always divided between the two styles of kitchen that I admire - the use of rustic, natural, organic wood compared to modern, sleek steel. I would love to have the opportunity to combine them in a kitchen - maybe in my next house!
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Tuesday, February 9

Michelle Mason

Michelle Mason's designs are so cute and colourful - and the fact they are based on london style buildings makes them even more appealing!

all images from Michelle Mason


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