Friday, January 21

inspiring rooms

 above 3 images : rue magazine
 The wonderful home of Ben Fogel and his wife Marina - it is so colourful!

above 3 images : living etc

Thursday, January 20

sunny sydney

Here are some favourite photos of sunny Sydney - a comforting reminder that the sun does actually continue to exist somewhere! (not to mention the gorgeous terrace houses in most of the shots!)
 from someone on flickr

Friday, January 14

Thursday, January 6

stuffed capsicums

I've never cooked this before but have wanted to for ages. So this evening I experimented with success! They were delicious. I just made my usual lamb mince pasta sauce (with the addition of some risotto rice for solidity), par boiled 8 capsicums of various colours for 3 minutes (green taste the best when cooked), stuffed them with the cooked mince filling and popped the lids back on, then oven cooked them at 180°C for around 45 minutes. Serve with salad.

Sunday, January 2

teenage bedrooms

With the start of a new year, I feel like freshening up and updating some parts of the house - after all, it is now almost 5 years since it was last painted and it shows! We will start with the kids' rooms - they need wardrobes, new furniture and a new look for their beds (maybe paint over the stained pine bedframes)! I've found some teen bedroom inspiration on the net - enjoy!


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