Wednesday, December 28

Kate Monkton

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Just stumbled on the website and portfolio of Kate Monkton, a London based interior designer. All I can say is wow - I love her style!

all images Kate Monkton

Saturday, December 17

help me with my new logo

Here are some logo ideas for my design business new name, tree hill cloud. I can't decide on the colours or which style of logo to use - should it be colour on a white ground, or white and colour on a coloured ground? Could you please help me to decide by letting me know what you think of the logos and which one appeals the most? Can't go wrong getting the public's opinion! Thanks very much!

Friday, December 16

Armelle Habib

 Some favourites (interiors, of course) from Melbourne photographer Armelle Habib's amazing portfolio.

Monday, December 12

Inside Out magazine

My Jan-Feb 2012 issue arrived in the post this morning, bringing me the sunshine and warmth of Sydney - (even tho it's not like that there at the moment) - and waves of homesickness for the beach! This Mornington Peninsula holiday home took my breath away - it is simply stunning.
image from inside out blog on homelife

Friday, December 9

life at home

I received these gorgeous images by email yesterday from the Swedish Ikea Life at Home blog. They are so fresh and beautiful looking with great styling and fantastic photography.

all images from ikea life at home

Wednesday, December 7

Liebster blog award

Thanks to Rebecca from littletree blog for my Liebster award - wow! I'll be posting soon the 5 *small* blogs that I want to pass the award on to...

Tuesday, December 6

greys and washed out colours

I'm not usually one for washed out colours but these pale wintry colours somehow appeal - perhaps they match my mood at the moment!


Wednesday, November 30

Newtown NSW

My mum sent me this link to a lovely house for sale in Newtown... love the real wood floors, the art on the wall in the eating area, and the decking out the back with the pool...

Sunday, November 20

knitted cupcakes

Don't these knitted cupcakes look so delicious and edible? My daughter is going to teach herself to knit them - can't wait to see the results! (Some of the links below have the patterns included.)


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