Friday, October 26

Little Kiddies (Australia)

For all those who don't have time to get to the shops for that last minute birthday present for a child's party, here is a unique solution. Starting in Australia, my brother has developed an online store called Little Kiddies for all types of toys including wooden toys, play books, puzzles and many other lovely toys for kids. Check it out here!

Wednesday, October 24

a weekend in Paris

We spent last weekend in Paris... sounds exciting but we were actually there for work! Anyway we had a couple of hours each day to look around the city and see an art gallery which made all the driving worth it! I, of course, took many photos of houses to use in future artworks (maybe a Paris houses print)...

Wednesday, October 3

beautiful wedding photography

While researching for a client's brochure, I stumbled across a wonderful wedding blog called Yes Bride. They feature the most amazing wedding photography, such as this cupcakes post by photographer Jose Villa. I especially love the vintage caravan photo.


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