Saturday, January 30

Mark Nicholson

I've had this book for years and never thought to look up the photographer. It just occurred to me the other day and I discovered these absolute gems on his website here.
all images from Mark Nicholson

Friday, January 29

groovy rooms

Here are just a few groovy rooms that I've been collecting - I love their folky style!

not on the high street (no link avaliable)
sorry no link

Thursday, January 28

red kitchens

2 weekends ago we painted our kitchen walls red. We have white cupboards (which has turned out ok although I wanted wooden ones when we bought them) and luckily they offset the red walls well, also preventing the room from becoming too dark. I hope to clear all the renovation mess soon to get some nice photos on a sunny day - if the sun ever shines again. For now I'm being inspired by what others have done with red kitchens:

apartment therapy

house to home

Sunday, January 24

a gorgeous Paddington home

This gorgeous Paddington home is 170 years old and is just stunning. If I could afford it I would buy it tomorrow! I'm particularly taken by the sandstone walls - even on the interior - and huge room sizes.

from domain

Tuesday, January 19

green indian rooms

One of my latest obsessions is green walls, especially the shade they use in India. They call it white-wash, even though it's green. I guess it would be a cooling colour to have in the hot summers.

dmglazebrook via flickr

natalie singh

Monday, January 18


Whenever I feel homesick I start looking for property on the internet... and mostly end up looking at terrace houses! These were all for sale almost a month ago and are from Paddington and Woollahra in Sydney.

from domain

Sunday, January 17

Val Garland's home

I've recently been interested in loft/apartment living, mixing old with new. Makeup artist Val Garland's London flat has an interesting mix of old and new throughout... from the old dressers covered with type, to the white dining table and chairs. The full article is in the Sep-Oct 09 issue of inside out magazine.

all images and article from inside out magazine

Saturday, January 16

2010 calendar

I've made myself a lovely big 2010 wall calendar using interiors photos that I like. This is a photo that I took of my front hallway a few weeks ago. The calendar hangs on a notice board above my desk. Each month I'll post the relevant page of my 2010 calendar to this blog.

Friday, January 15

a country-style loft in the city

This lovely country-style loft is not real - it was created by Country Home editors as a showhouse for the 2004 Designs of Downtown Showhouse in Iowa of all places! I think they succeeded in achieving the combination of country with loft living.

all images from country home


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