Tuesday, November 30

Rue magazine

These gorgeous photos found at Rue magazine online. This is issue one and it's huge!


Monday, November 29

sprouting beans

Sprouted beans are one of the healthiest things we can eat. I've been trying for the last few days to get these to sprout and usually I don't have any difficulty in doing this, but these beans are just too stubborn! I wonder if they can become too old to sprout at some point? (not that they're much over 1 year old)... anyway, I'll persist for another day, then throw these away and start over with a fresh batch.

Friday, November 26

rooms with great art part 2

You can tell I've become lazy about blogging - most of these come from the fantastic desire to inspire. I don't usually take so many images from one source but some of the art on these walls is amazing. I love the rooms where the paintings look completely out of place, yet they work somehow. Usually a modern abstract art work in an otherwise traditionally decorated room. Hopefully I'll be in better form next week! Have a wonderful and fulfilling weekend. Next week I'm posting some pics of improvised shelving in my son's bedroom. x
 source unknown but love the painting in this one!

Wednesday, November 24

taking stock

Things seem to be all over the place at the moment. My husband has just returned from India after the sad news of his mother's death 2 weeks ago. She had been ill for a long time, so it was not a shock. Nevertheless, it was very distressing for him. And as I had told you a few weeks ago(then self-consciously deleted the post) there was the shock of my brother in law's sudde and untimely passing away in Melbourne. (Many thanks to all who kindly sent their condolences!) I had gone there for 2 weeks to be with my sister and help out with her twins, now just over 3 months old. She is coping incredibly well under the circumstances. I hope that 2011 brings more happiness and joy to us and our families! There were positives about this year though: 6 babies born in our family from my sister, brother, and 2 first cousins, including 2 sets of twins!! And my sister's twins were born on my son's birthday, 16 years later.
I guess the moral to the story is: we have all realised you never know what's around the corner... and to make the most of each day as it comes.

Saturday, November 13

art pillows

Lately I'm very inspired by Swedish art and design. I've just stumbled on this website called Design House Stockholm and am loving their art pillows.

images from Design House Stockholm

Friday, November 12

Autumn colours

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago. And I'm glad I did - just 2 days later all these beautiful leaves had been blown right off the tree! We've gone from warm autumn colours last week into grey wet weather this week. At least we've got Christmas to look forward to!!

Saturday, November 6

bedroom colours

Here are some photos of my room that I took back in September. I did the diptych painting which sits over the bedhead last year. It unexpectedly dictated the colour scheme of the room. Now I try to match everything to the greens and purples in the painting which happen to be 2 of my favourite colours.


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