Wednesday, May 25

sophie dunlop

apple blossoms
I've just discovered the work of Sophie Dunlop, an Australian artist. The daughter of the late Brian Dunlop, a renowned Australian painter, Sophie has successfully established herself as an artist in her own right. Her still life work featured here is exquisite. I prefer the stronger coloured palette to the paler ones, but all of them are absolutely beautifully painted.
golden light
magnolia and japonica
moroccan still life with persimmons
moroccan still life with lemons
oriental still life
pompeii still life
quinces and peaches with embroidery
spring bloom
all images from Sophie Dunlop

Tuesday, May 17

pink peonies

Some lovely peonies from my garden. They have only just opened up this week! The images on the left are yesterday's and on the right, today's. Can't wait to see how they change by tomorrow!

Sunday, May 1

banksia in london

What?? Where am I? What is this place??! Australian native plants in front of London apartments? Yes it's the new display of Australian native plants organised by Kew Gardens in front of the British Museum. What a treat!
 wollemi pine
 a touch of outback
 me in front of a jurassic palm
 black boy

regent street in all it's glory (post royal wedding)


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