Sunday, May 1

banksia in london

What?? Where am I? What is this place??! Australian native plants in front of London apartments? Yes it's the new display of Australian native plants organised by Kew Gardens in front of the British Museum. What a treat!
 wollemi pine
 a touch of outback
 me in front of a jurassic palm
 black boy

regent street in all it's glory (post royal wedding)


  1. Love this...Ive been very curious what this would be like as I read what Kew Gardens were up to... I'm wondering if it's possible (and not too presumptuous to ask) to perhaps reblog this at my Homage blog?
    With full credits!

  2. Yes of course Sophie - I'd be honoured! Thanks for asking.

  3. I do love a banksia. Such a wonderful strong graphic shape. Associate them with the coast, though, which makes looking at them in London doubly weird. Good weird.


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