Friday, April 30

A homestead in Tasmania

It was purely by chance that I discovered this Tasmanian gem of a cottage. I'm currently searching for some inspiration for my own home, as hopefully soon we'll be getting our office out of the house, which will free up at least 2 rooms, one of which is my 'front' room, a sunny sitting room with a working fireplace. The fireplace is currently extremely ugly as it is covered with old grey bathroom tiles which I hate. As soon as the office is gone I'm gonna rip off the tiles and find a 1920-30s wooden fireplace surround to match the age of the house (circa 1926). I'll repaint the walls even though the current golden yellow makes me happy, as I think we need a change. Photo of existing front room to come in a future post.
Back to the point: this Tasmanian homestead belongs to textile artist Tara Badcock and has the look and feel I would like to achieve in my new front room!

all images from Australian House and Garden

Thursday, April 29

new etsy cards

2 new cards have been added to my etsy shop: Fan and Red terraces.


On Monday it was my birthday. I was waiting for photos to post this but as there aren't any available, I'm doing without. Anyway, the biggest surprise was the party on Sunday which my husband had organised, of which I knew nothing about! I walked into a room of about 20 or so people who shocked me by being there!! I'm not one for surprises, but it was a lovely party, complete with lamb curry and chocolate cake. Thanks to S for the wonderful party!

Saturday, April 24

groovy kitchen features

Unique features are what makes a kitchen individual. There's nothing worse than a kitchen that has no character and looks like it's walked straight out of a showroom. The best kitchens are a mix of old and new and must look 'lived-in'.


Friday, April 23

Gina Triplett

journal for chronicle books

I love the work of Gina Triplett. Her illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the most original thing I've seen for a long time. Have a look at her website, which features the work of Gina and Matt here and her blog here. I posted about their wonderful home on my blog in December - such an inspiring home!

all images from Gina and Matt

Sunday, April 18


This morning we had some friends over for breakfast (well, brunch I guess) and cooked methi (fenugreek) parantha, mooli (white radish) parantha, potato curry and semolina halva, accompanied by hot chai. We then had tiramisu for dessert!!

Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst designed and printed brightly-coloured stylised wallpapers, influenced by Oriental art. Her career started out as a singer and musician, then moved on to painting. Eventually she established Australian (Hand Printed) Wallpapers Pty Ltd in 1959 which later became Florence Broadhurst Wallpapers Pty Ltd. Now her work has made a huge comeback, with her wallpaper and fabric designs being produced by Signature Prints, Sydney. A docu-drama directed by Gillian Armstrong called Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst details her life. The book Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret and Extraordinary Lives by Helen O'Neill investigates her life and work in more detail. Her life was full of creativity and travel, but ended tragically when she was murdered in her own home in Sydney's Paddington in 1977, a mystery still unsolved.

Friday, April 16

drawing time

Today I have time to work on more drawings... soon I will start painting.


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