Thursday, April 8

52 Suburbs

My second 'featured' blog - one of my favourites - is 52 Suburbs, created by Louise Hawson from Sydney. In August 2009 Louise decided to visit and photograph one Sydney suburb each week for a whole year. She's done pretty well so far, being up to suburb number 30 this week, La Perouse. In each of her posts she gives a brief history of the suburb, particularly noting the Aboriginal history of the area and what happened to them when the British arrived in Australia over 200 years ago. Her photographs are stunning and usually paired in clever combinations, accompanied by a witty caption under each image. This week's suburb happens to be a unique one as Louise discovers it has never left the hands of the Aboriginal people. Louise quotes from the Dictionary of Sydney: La Perouse is 'the only Sydney suburb where Aboriginal people have kept their territory from settlement until today, and its history is a story of the survival of culture in the face of European invasion'. All her posts are fascinating, and if you're going to check out her blog, I'd recommend starting right at the beginning with Suburb No.1: Wahroonga.
These images are from Suburb No.30: La Perouse (all captions are Louise's)
Bare Island
All boomerangs made and flight tested by Laddie
Rainbow serpent

Living off the land/ocean
Serious for only so long (Tareen, Shareen and Maul)

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  1. Hi Natalie, I'm another huge fan of 52 Suburbs and I've never even lived in Sydney. Glad I found your blogs. Haven't had chance to check them all but I will. Always nice to find another artist.


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