Saturday, April 3

Old fashioned

I have kept many old tear-outs from magazines for most of my life - mostly either fashion or homes. The other day I pulled out my year 10 scrapbook - from 1986 - and discovered stuff I had collected from that year, which I still like! Although these are fashion, not homes, I think they are actually wearing table cloths in a couple of them. They inspired me when I was a teenager to make a dress out of an old lace tablecloth, which I had dressed my sister in and photographed.
from Vogue Australia, March 1986. I love winter fashion shoots on desolate beaches! (esp. Australian beaches)

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  1. My soon to be 25 year old daughter is always berating me for throwing out the clothes that I wore when I was her age or younger...what goes around comes around...and isn't that a lovely thing?


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