Wednesday, March 31

Emma Walker

I have blogged about the beautiful work of Emma Walker before. Just had a look back to her website today and discovered new work. She seems to have changed direction recently, quite drastically in fact. In her most recent exhibition, The Dawn Language, she has moved from the heat of the Australian landscape and rich earthiness to the celestial with a cooler, dreamier feeling. I was going to say 'more spiritual' but all her paintings are spiritual in their own way. Her earlier landscapes are also quite dreamlike with mere suggestions of human presence - to me they are an Aboriginal presence - amongst the trees, hills and water, as part of the landscape.
A Lifetime of Moments Dispersing
Laid to Rest
The Rising
all images from Emma Walker


  1. How lovely to find your blog through desire to inspire...and another aussie to boot...bonus! I was attracted by the colour and then when I saw photos of your house and then you mentioned the Blue Mountains where I'm headed for a few days in a couple of weeks...well, just had to follow! I look forward to reading heaps more.

  2. Thanks Kerry - I hope you enjoy your trip to the Blue Mountains - I do miss them!


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