Sunday, March 28

My house photos part 2

I finally got around to taking some photos of my red kitchen, along with some other bits of the house that I like. Unfortunately after all the careful shooting, I realised I'd left the iso on the wrong setting - oh well, never mind!


  1. These are wonderful - your kitchen is just gorgeous and I love the unusual use of the fireplace to stack canvases.

  2. Thanks but the fireplace usually holds more than just canvases - my shopping bags, husband's tools and anything else that doesn't have a home!

  3. Well, your fireplace looks great here! And I just added it to the comments on the topic over at Comfort & Luxury.

  4. what an interesting blog that is - thanks for adding my humble fireplace! Incidentally, we are planning to rip the old thing out as it doesn't work anyway, and put some more practical storage there!


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