Tuesday, March 30

Dappled sunlight

Isn't dappled sunlight magical? I love it when it streams across a room, transforming the room into a magical place. Some of these images (mostly from flickr) remind me of my childhood, as, in the mornings (and the afternoons), we used to get a lot of dappled sunlight across my parent's garden. Come to think of it, almost every time I see dappled sunlight now it reminds me of Sydney and I think it's because the part of Sydney I grew up and lived in happens to have more trees near the houses than where I live now (and probably more days of sunshine too)!
this one particularly reminds me of a sunny Sydney morning!
my current living room


  1. Dappled sunlight IS magical! I also used to love lying on the floor, in the dark, under the Christmas tree and watching the lights blink and flicker on the ceiling. Also quite magical. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great photographs, love the bike and window !!!!!


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