Saturday, March 27

The Chalet, Medlow Bath

Still into the real estate this morning! This has to be one of my favourite places in the world. Medlow Bath, that is. The small hamlet in the Blue Mountains where The Chalet is now for sale. My grandparents owned 2 properties next door to The Chalet when I was a child and we used to stay in either of them in school holidays. Our land backed onto the back of The Chalet, where the owner's horses were kept - we used to feed them grass and carrots! The Chalet still retains its old Blue Mountains character, but I hope the new owner will update some of the bedrooms and living areas to give the place more of a modern country look.
The Great Western Highway passing through Medlow Bath outside the Hydro Majestic
One of the old houses my grandparents used to own, unfortunately not ours anymore :(

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