Wednesday, December 18

London Calling - National Students Art Exhibition

My daughter with her GCSE artwork 'London Calling' that made it into the National Students Art Exhibition in the Mall Galleries in London! It's a monatage of pencil, photo, ink & pen, and collage 'David Hockney' style, of London phone boxes (her own photo).
I'm posting this a bit late because it took a while to find the photo of Priya that my husband took - congratulations Priya!

Thursday, November 21

Sunlight House, Austria by VELUX

Photo: Adam Mørk
I've always been inspired by light. And VELUX® have created the perfect solution to allowing more light into one's home, with their wide range of state of the art windows. Take Sunlight House in Austria as an example. It is Austria's first carbon-neutral single-family house. It has been designed to take advantage of the direct sunlight flooding the house for the larger part of the daylight hours, and does so extremely efficiently. The house has a large sloping roof facing the sun, in which the VELUX windows sit, allowing maximum daylight and sunlight into the house.

The home was designed by Hein-Troy Architeken, an Austrian firm, which won a competition between up-coming architectural firms. VELUX are monitoring the project along with 2 other institutions, to measure the carbon footprint of the house, which is expected to be carbon neutral in 30 years time, once it has generated more clean energy than was used in its construction.
Photo: Adam Mørk
What I love most about this house is the fact that there is much more natural light flooding into the house than you would expect to see in a residential home. There is almost no need for any artificial light until it's completely dark. The large VELUX windows face southwest, allowing maximum sunlight to enter into the house, also giving wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. I think it would be great to have an artists' studio in a house like this! And the design of the house is so clever, that the arrangement of windows combined with roof angle and interior allows the house to stay warm in winter and cool in summer with exceptional ventilation through automated, intelligent control of the home's windows.

This post is sponsored by VELUX

Wednesday, October 16

Sunday, October 13

Real estate browsing

I haven't done any real estate browsing (some call it stalking!) for a while but found this gem yesterday. It's in a remote area of Sydney; here's the link.

West Head House, is the family home of Peter Stutchbury. Designed and built by Peter in 1991, it is unique in that it is the location in which, over 26 years, Peter has designed and created architecture that challenges and defines a way of living in the Australian climate.

Thursday, October 10

New print of Clovelly flats

New print of Clovelly flats now in my shops. This is a beach suburb of Sydney and when I was there I saw these beautiful art deco style flats which I wanted to draw! They are available as prints with or without the title.

Natalie Singh - Not on the High Street

Natalie Singh - etsy

Monday, October 7

Sydney and Manly Beach cushion covers fabric

 My fabric prints of Sydney and Manly Beach designs for cushion covers have arrived! Printed on cotton half panama for toughness and resilience! Cushions to come soon!
(photos are a bit off as my iPhone camera has a strange filter on it which I can't remove)

Friday, September 27

Fabric of Britain

This is a wonderful series on the history of fabric and printing in Britain. Love this episode The Story of Wallpaper. (click the link to go to BBC iPlayer)

Wednesday, September 18

Australia exhibition at the Royal Academy

I personally can't wait to see this exhibition, which I've already bought tickets for. A lot of these works are paintings I've seen since childhood and have strong links to memories of growing up in Sydney (probably more emotional than factual!). Many works are from indigenous artists, giving this exhibition a more rounded feel for Australian art. If you're in London between now and 8th December I would recommend seeing this!

All images: Getty

Tuesday, September 3

Please vote for me!

Dear All
I would be very grateful if you would vote for my design in the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search comp here:
I am at the bottom of the page so please scroll right down!
thanks so much
Natalie x

Thursday, August 1

Monday, July 29

Shelly Perkins - Illustrator

When I visited Art in Action this year I discovered many amazing artists, including illustrators, painters, sculptors etc. One who stood out is Shelly Perkins for her lovely hand drawn illustrations of British towns, the countryside, and animals. You can see more of her work here on her website.


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