Sunday, October 13

Real estate browsing

I haven't done any real estate browsing (some call it stalking!) for a while but found this gem yesterday. It's in a remote area of Sydney; here's the link.

West Head House, is the family home of Peter Stutchbury. Designed and built by Peter in 1991, it is unique in that it is the location in which, over 26 years, Peter has designed and created architecture that challenges and defines a way of living in the Australian climate.


  1. Hi Nat. Yes very inspiring indeed. Thanks for reminding me of Peter's wonderful designs. We are so lucky with the climate in coastal NSW, that we can design houses that open right up to the outdoors. Peter was one of our tutors at my architecture faculty.
    Cheers, Graham

  2. I meant does it inspire you to design something amazing!

  3. Thats amazing would love to live in a house like that. As for the MATS course, i'm not sure it is value for money, as it is very expensive, Not Lilla Rogers gives anything away! It is very American, But the assignments are good, some of the advice is very useful and it has pushed me to do some new things which I know I wouldn't of done of my own back. There are some amazing talented people on it so it tends to make you a little insecure!! Anyway have a good day going to day dream about this house now so thank you for sharing. x


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