Friday, February 10

cheery snow/cosy spaces

 In spite of the snow and greyness I'm in quite a good mood - the snow that fell last night is actually very beautiful on all the trees, reminding me of the snowy scene from Narnia. Thought these cheery pics might help lift my mood a bit more though, especially as they're quite cosy spaces...

 above 3: source unknown

above 2:  Lo Bjurulf

Monday, February 6

snow again

I'm just beginning to recover from a crazy weekend of snow and chaos. Our boiler leaked in its cupboard on Friday night resulting in ALL the sheets and towels which are stored in the same cupboard being soaked. I had to wash them all then dry them on Saturday while we tried to work out how the boiler had leaked and arranged to get it repaired. Heating working but still no hot water by Sunday so we all had a bath the old fashioned way - boiling water on the stove and having a bucket bath! Fingers crossed it'll all be back to normal by tomorrow. Meanwhile heavy snowfall arrived on Saturday night which we stupidly went out in and took 1 hour to get home from 5 miles away at 1am, then went across London again in it on Sunday - LOL!

Wednesday, February 1

sneak preview - London Houses mug

Could I ask for some help (again) in deciding which version of my London Houses mug I should produce? Please let me know which colourway works better - black and white, or turquoise and white? Due to the restrictions of printing and the costs involved, at this stage I can only produce a 1 colour mug, even though I would love to produce a full colour mug! They will be printed on bone china which is nicer to drink from, don't you agree?


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