Wednesday, December 29

Khadi soap

My husband has just made yet another trip to India and returned in the snow. He bought Khadi soaps - rose water, lavender, fruit, jasmine and many others. (Khadi is the word for hand-spun and hand-woven cotton cloth in India and was the name given to the movement started by Gandhi to encourage use of Indian pure cotton in India during the British rule there before Independence. There are now many Khadi stores all over India selling a variety of hand-made items.) This rose water soap is handmade with only rose essential oils, glycerine and soap base. The label says (these are the exact words and spellings): "rose water soap helps in giving the coolness & freshness of the body by which tention & tiredness of the wholeday does not exit" (i guess they mean 'exist'!). So cute!

Friday, December 24

Thursday, December 23

Liberty for Target

I collected these images a while ago (in fact it was quite a long time ago as they're not even on the Liberty website anymore). They are relatively new designs printed on home wares and dining ware by Liberty for Target (in the US). I guess Target must have loads of nice designer stuff as I'm always coming across it on various blogs - why can't we get Target here in the UK? We're missing out!

all images from Liberty of London 

Monday, December 20

bedroom crates

 My son's desk was always a mess. So I found some wooden wine bottle crates in Costco and varnished the inside (so they would be easy to wipe clean). They work perfectly as shelving, which can be rearranged if necessary, as we haven't nailed them in place yet. They certainly keep his desk more tidy!

This is the place i found inspiration for this idea - real living magazine, Australia

Sunday, December 19

more snow...

I thought it was exciting to have snow on Friday but yesterday this happened (see below) and there are no signs of it melting!
our back garden

Friday, December 17

sun and snow

This morning we had a mini snow storm - it was wild for a very short amount of time. Then the sun came out!

Wednesday, December 15

roddy and ginger

 This is a design company I've never seen before - Roddy and Ginger. Such a cute name! Her real name is Virginia and she's a graphic and textile designer based in SE London. She is inspired by the same things I love - folk art, houses and florals. She sells most of these prints, bags and cushions on her etsy shop here, and blogs about her work here.

all images from roddy and ginger

Friday, December 10

make do and mend

The promotion of the slogan 'make do and mend' started in Britain in WWII and seems to be making a comeback with world-wide recession digging its claws in. I'm all for it and was going to design my own 'make do and mend' poster when I found these cute posters, cards, book covers and even cushions (I love Mrs Sew and Sew)!


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