Friday, December 10

make do and mend

The promotion of the slogan 'make do and mend' started in Britain in WWII and seems to be making a comeback with world-wide recession digging its claws in. I'm all for it and was going to design my own 'make do and mend' poster when I found these cute posters, cards, book covers and even cushions (I love Mrs Sew and Sew)!


  1. sweet! we all could use a little more of this, couldn't we?

  2. Just brilliant, Nat. That motto was important in my house, growing up with a father born in the Depression years. Fab post. J x

  3. love the concept, only problem is I never have time to get to my "mending pile" - yes, it's a pile.

  4. I collect books related to the make-do and mend motto. Some were my Grandmother's from WW2 but i have others from that time period thru to the 50s. Then there seemed to be a resurgence of the philosophy in the 70s because I have a bunch of books from that time period. Then they drop off again in the 80's. I love seeing it making another comeback :-)


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