Wednesday, December 29

Khadi soap

My husband has just made yet another trip to India and returned in the snow. He bought Khadi soaps - rose water, lavender, fruit, jasmine and many others. (Khadi is the word for hand-spun and hand-woven cotton cloth in India and was the name given to the movement started by Gandhi to encourage use of Indian pure cotton in India during the British rule there before Independence. There are now many Khadi stores all over India selling a variety of hand-made items.) This rose water soap is handmade with only rose essential oils, glycerine and soap base. The label says (these are the exact words and spellings): "rose water soap helps in giving the coolness & freshness of the body by which tention & tiredness of the wholeday does not exit" (i guess they mean 'exist'!). So cute!

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