Friday, December 3

kitchen islands

I haven't had time this week (where has the week gone?) to photograph my son's desk, let alone his room. Instead I've been searching for images of kitchens with islands, since I don't have one (an island that is). If we ever move house, I would love to design a new kitchen with an island which doubles up as a storage and work area. Big eat-in kitchens are fine, but at the moment I have to walk a long way to the other end of the room (it is 6 metres long) to get a baking dish. Or maybe I should just rearrange my cupboards and keep the baking dishes at the cooking end of the room (even though there's no space there either)!

all above images from country home

all above images from living etc

period house

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  1. I love kitchen islands too. We have one in our home and we always using it. These are a nice collection. I hope you get your dream island soon.


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