Thursday, July 26

Grand Designs Australia

Just watched Grand Designs Australia Series 2 from some DVDs my brother sent me. This house from episode 3 is my favourite so far - a 1960s inspired house built opposite a waterfront park in Sydney. Love the primary colours used and the light filled rooms!

Tuesday, July 24

on the home front

 A few recent pics from around the home...
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Friday, July 20

L'Occitane illustrations

A couple of Christmases ago I was wandering around Debenhams, as you do, and saw these L'Occitane gift packs with gorgeous illustrations of French shops and street scenes all over the packaging. I wasn't aware at the time that they would disappear shortly after that, never to be seen again. But with a lot of hard work and research I've found 2 small images of the type of thing I saw - how I wish I'd bought one, or at least noted down the artist's name, as I later found out, L'Occitane commission a different artist each season to design the packaging for a range. Aren't they lovely?

Thursday, July 19

A random mix of interiors

Some lovely interiors (and an exterior) from blogs I've been looking at this week...

 love these pinks!
Bronnie Masefau (unbelievably, I have the exact same leather sofa as featured here!)

Monday, July 16

Louise Owens - stylist

Having seen Aussie stylist Louise Owens' work featured on Desire to Inspire a while ago, I've been wanting to investigate further. Her style is so fresh, bright, sunny and colourful - all things we need in this dismal English summer!

Thursday, July 12

Carnage film set

Last night I watched the film Carnage. It's Roman Polanski's first film since his house arrest in Switzerland ended 18 months ago. It's a great film. Besides watching the amazing performances of all four actors, I was trying to get a glimpse of the set, a Brooklyn apartment. It was designed to reflect the work of Jodie Foster's character who had many artefacts, sculptures and art from Africa, with a slight modern-retro look. The designer was Dean Tavoularis whose career started in 1967 and who turns 80 next year!
There was a painting in the couple's bedroom just next to the entrance to the bathroom door which was absolutely gorgeous - if anyone comes across a pic of this please let me know!

pics from Architectural Digest

get in frame project

I originally started this blog based on interiors and other bits and pieces about art etc. but lately have got a bit side-tracked into my surface pattern design work. Sorry to those who have followed for the interiors, but I haven't lost my interest in interiors, I just haven't looked at any for a while, as it detracts my focus from other things. Having said that I'm going to try to do some posts on interiors in the near future!

In the meantime, if anyone has facebook please 'like' my London houses image on this page here. It's a communication design project across London as you can see on their website here. Thanks!

Saturday, July 7

Tuesday, July 3

Card and print giveaway

Here it is - finally - the *big* giveaway of cards, postcards and prints! Actually, 1 print, of the winner's choice, along with 6 'interiors' postcards and 6 new birthday cards, all shown below. Please leave me a comment on which art print you like best (to be included in prize) and I'll randomly select a winner on Saturday 7th July @ 10am. Good luck!
set of 4 kids' birthday cards
set of 2 birthday cards
set of 6 'interiors' postcards
 12 days of Christmas
 One lump or two?
 Blue retro coffee pot and eggs
 New York Brooklyn houses
 Alphabet chart
 Californian bungalows in the forest
 Grey and red coffee pot with eggs and fruit bowl
 London houses 1
London houses 2 
Retro coffee pot in reds and greens 
Sydney terraced houses
A digital art print of your choice - please let me know which one you like best!
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