Thursday, July 12

Carnage film set

Last night I watched the film Carnage. It's Roman Polanski's first film since his house arrest in Switzerland ended 18 months ago. It's a great film. Besides watching the amazing performances of all four actors, I was trying to get a glimpse of the set, a Brooklyn apartment. It was designed to reflect the work of Jodie Foster's character who had many artefacts, sculptures and art from Africa, with a slight modern-retro look. The designer was Dean Tavoularis whose career started in 1967 and who turns 80 next year!
There was a painting in the couple's bedroom just next to the entrance to the bathroom door which was absolutely gorgeous - if anyone comes across a pic of this please let me know!

pics from Architectural Digest

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  1. i saw this a couple of weeks ago and also really loved the detail of that set! so perfectly put together. loved how obsessed she got about the book kate winslet vomited on!

    lovely work by the way :-)


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