Tuesday, July 3

Card and print giveaway

Here it is - finally - the *big* giveaway of cards, postcards and prints! Actually, 1 print, of the winner's choice, along with 6 'interiors' postcards and 6 new birthday cards, all shown below. Please leave me a comment on which art print you like best (to be included in prize) and I'll randomly select a winner on Saturday 7th July @ 10am. Good luck!
set of 4 kids' birthday cards
set of 2 birthday cards
set of 6 'interiors' postcards
 12 days of Christmas
 One lump or two?
 Blue retro coffee pot and eggs
 New York Brooklyn houses
 Alphabet chart
 Californian bungalows in the forest
 Grey and red coffee pot with eggs and fruit bowl
 London houses 1
London houses 2 
Retro coffee pot in reds and greens 
Sydney terraced houses
A digital art print of your choice - please let me know which one you like best!
Don't forget all these prints are available in my etsy shop!
And to check out my surface pattern design blog here!


  1. Lucky me i get to leave the first comment, good luck with the giveaway as you will discover everyone loves a giveaway!! anyway hard to decide but thin my favoriets are the Retro Coffee Pot in reds and greens!

  2. Oh me please! I am a huge fan of the blue retro coffee pot. Thanks. x


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