Friday, April 30

A homestead in Tasmania

It was purely by chance that I discovered this Tasmanian gem of a cottage. I'm currently searching for some inspiration for my own home, as hopefully soon we'll be getting our office out of the house, which will free up at least 2 rooms, one of which is my 'front' room, a sunny sitting room with a working fireplace. The fireplace is currently extremely ugly as it is covered with old grey bathroom tiles which I hate. As soon as the office is gone I'm gonna rip off the tiles and find a 1920-30s wooden fireplace surround to match the age of the house (circa 1926). I'll repaint the walls even though the current golden yellow makes me happy, as I think we need a change. Photo of existing front room to come in a future post.
Back to the point: this Tasmanian homestead belongs to textile artist Tara Badcock and has the look and feel I would like to achieve in my new front room!

all images from Australian House and Garden

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  1. Oh my goodness, I have just one word: Character.
    Love it!


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