Tuesday, February 23

Struggling to be Stylish

This is the first of an idea I have had to do a {roughly} monthly post on other blogs that I like... and the blog I have chosen this time is an entertaining and informative blog full of good humour and style tips: Struggling to be Sylish. So much for 'struggling' - I suspect this writer knows exactly what she's talking about! The blog full of advice, opinions and great shopping tips, not to mention great taste in clothes and interiors! An example of this is the Boden catalogue love (I also love Boden).

...and great taste emerges once again in Pottery Barn love...

I particularly liked the post entitled 'They'll paint it for you!' which opens our eyes to the ease of transforming an old heavy piece of furniture into a modern classic - diy or pay the professionals... either way, a brilliant idea.
And finally, this post by Struggler is a revelation! Such a great idea to rejuvenate one's home. The idea is to make one small change (she suggests what to do) in your home each day from Monday to Friday - it might be small but it can make all the difference in how the home looks and feels. I'm inspired!!!


  1. Thanks, Natalie, how lovely to be the first featured blog here!
    Some bloggy love will be coming "back at you" very soon!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy her blog, she has a direct way of putting things that I appreciate! Now I'm going to look around your blog! Janell

  3. Struggler rocks! (as they say in Oz)

  4. I love Struggling to be Stylish! I sat back and let Struggler do all the work and then I just followed the links to do my Christmas shopping last year. She has impeccable taste and a delightful sense of humor.

  5. Far too kind, all of you! I wish I had the talent of making proper English shortbread to send to you all.
    Thanks again, Natalie, for hosting.


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