Sunday, February 28

freestanding bathtubs

Last week my husband part retiled our bathroom - we had to buy boring beige tiles to match what was there before, rather than being able to change the colour scheme (I would have gone for turquoise). But it got me thinking about my dream bathroom - a freestanding bathtub right in the centre of the room would be top of the list. That and a separate shower... dream on....
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  1. I really like the second tubs, I like it’s bulky style. I find freestanding bathtubs to be a great addition to any bathroom. They bring a form of elegancy and style to your bathroom! And there are so many varieties to choose from these days, and there are many materials and colors available as well so you are sure to get something perfect for your bathroom! I also found some great info on freestanding bathtubs that would benefit your remodeling project!

    - Brett

  2. A freestanding bath can be the hero of your bathroom and is often associated with freedom and luxury. freestanding bathtubs perth can give you the elegant, sophisticated feel like you are in a retreat or day spa.


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