Tuesday, June 28

a new business project

 You might have noticed I haven't been blogging much lately, or doing much creative work.... and there's a reason for it. We have a very exciting project happening, which we hope will be a big success - we are moving our business into the high street! A year ago we found this empty shop and after negotiating the lease we finally got the key on a temporary basis and as the building needs a lot of work we are being allowed to fit out our shop in the mean time! It's going to be a design studio, printing shop and photography studio all in one. Here are some photos of the progress so far, all designed and built by my talented husband:
 the front counter still to be painted and have the top added on
 recovering the office partitions with some funky denim fabric (forgot to take a pic of the finished product!)


  1. hey, dear nat!
    congratulations on your shop front. it looks great. subash is really clever isn't he.
    i'd love to catch up and have a big old chat. love your designs and your photos and everything you do.
    how are you finding etsy? i keep meaning to put stuff up, but am busy. our jam business and the market stalls we do are very busy and really taking off so that's exciting.
    we are about to go up to our property for 5 days so hope to get some music and painting done in between building work.'much love,

  2. Thanks Kate! Your market stalls and jam making looks amazing too! hope to catch up soon...
    nat x

  3. hi ,
    you just got your 75th follower,
    i simply loved your blog.


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