Friday, May 24

A Level Graphic Design Final Piece - 30 Second Stop Motion Advert

My son created this video for his yr12 A Levels Graphic Communication final piece last year. In the video he uses several techniques of paper folding, hand drawn images and stop motion, to combine all the work he did throughout the year in the final project. He did get an A for it! The video is his idea of how to promote the British Museum in London.


  1. Wow, so purely talented and a genius! I enjoyed it a lot. I was totally speechless and in wonder after watching the whole video. Correct me if I’m wrong but is this similar to origami or kirigami? Thanks a lot for showing this marvelous video. I love it! See you around!

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  2. Hi Dorothy
    thanks for your lovely comments, no it's not origami or kirigami. He has just made 3d models from coloured card and created stop motion from it.


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