Wednesday, May 29

front doors

We have been renovating our house. When we bought it in 2005 we spent about a year cleaning it up, making the kitchen and bathroom useable etc. Now that our kids are almost out of their teenage years, we realised we needed the roof space - the loft - to become a bedroom. So now it's my son's room, with an additional bathroom. It's been fun planning all the decor, particularly as it's on a shoestring budget!
Now we have decided to replace the dated looking frosted aluminium front door as it's extremely ugly. I'm on the hunt for a lovely door which lets the light in. Here are a few images that have inspired me for the doors. In the next few weeks I'll be posting images of staircases (we've stripped off the many layers of paint on ours), and also fireplaces as we've pulled out the ugly bathroom-tiled one we had!

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