Monday, August 9

colourful rooms

Sorry I haven't been around these last couple of weeks - I had almost decided to completely abandon my blog as I just couldn't find any inspiration to blog about.... luckily my lack of inspiration was short lived! But to keep myself sane I'll probably blog less frequently than before - there are just too many other things I need to focus on, including painting without distraction.

Anyway, enough of the self-interest... these colourful rooms are from the September issue of Living etc. I think I may need to subscribe to that magazine! 


  1. These rooms are great inspiration.
    I'm glad to hear that you are finding time to paint. I have a series of paintings that are due for a show, and with all the distractions of the blog world, finding the quiet inspiration to paint is a must!

  2. Yes the blog world is quite a distraction! Where can I see your paintings - are they on your blog?


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