Friday, February 4

Cressida Campbell

A slice of life from us scots
Cressida Campbell's woodblock prints are one offs. She painstakingly draws the design directly onto the wood, carves out the line with an engraving tool and finally paints in the colours with watercolours. One print will be made. Her art is simple, unpretentious and decorative without being over-worked. To quote John McDonald from her website: "In bringing us back to simple things, Campbell is exploring a decorative art for our times - an art that avoids the overheated demand for meanings and messages as surely as the most austere piece of minimalist sculpture. The vital difference is that her prints almost radiate with the pleasure of their own making. It is a quality that alerts the viewer to the complementary pleasures of looking - those necessary, timeless pleasures that our television sets have been helping us to forget."

 Through the windscreen from prints and printmaking
Cressida Campbell's book cover from design public
 Studio from Mosman Art Gallery
 Mangoes and Peonies
 Plums with Indian Cloth
Hydrangeas with Magnolia Leaves
 above 3 from Studio International
page from Vogue Living Australia via design public 
Pyrmont from Annette Larkin 


  1. That's incredible! I can't believe how many colours she prints in this way. Beautiful work. x

  2. hi nat,
    we went to see the cc exhibition last year (or was it the one before!?) anyway, her work is absolutely glorious and i bought the book which is very beautifully produced. such an inspiration but such a lot of work in each piece. some of my favourites were her bush and native plant scenes. i love to see how your art and your home is coming along. all so beautiful.
    love to all,


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