Thursday, August 4

a couple of current projects

 In the midst of opening our shop and getting cards, posters and other items ready to sell, I have been trying to work through a couple of ongoing projects at home. I repainted our downstairs cloakroom white (it was red, which I really miss!) as an undercoat for a complex stencil design, which I have only just finished cutting out by hand. I printed it on acetate so it can be used all over the walls without going soggy. The design is copied from a Sydney terrace house balcony railing design in wrought iron. I am going to stencil it black and white!

 After reading about Thea's fantastic upholstery experience I got hold of these old chairs from a charity shop near our shop. I have some lovely striped fabric to recover the red velvet one (above) with, but it needs a lot of work. I intend to start pulling the fabric off it this weekend if I can. I can't wait to start sanding the other 2 (below) and deciding which colour to repaint them.
Many thanks to Bowie from print and pattern blog for the lovely post on my new etsy posters last week!

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