Monday, October 17

Tent London 2011

I know this is a bit late (it was held in late September) , but I wanted to share some of my favourites from Tent London 2011. Five designers stood out for me, even though I found almost all of them interesting in some way or other.
First up: Curiousa & Curiousa for their beautiful hand-blown glass lightshades, especially the clusters of pendants, and the stemmed round shades.

Famille Summerbelle create beautiful paper cut style designs for wallpaper, maps, teatowels and other decorative items.

I loved the hand drawn designs on ceramic plates by Patrick Laing, illustrating the entire process of making ceramics, from digging the clay, processing it, firing, creating the transfer print design, to the final stage of selling in the shops. They are absolutely beautiful.

I was impressed with Mini Moderns, very retro looking designs produced by London design agency Absolutely Zero Degrees.

Last but not least I absolutely love the work of Abigail Borg, a British illustrator and surface pattern designer.

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  1. I'm loving famille summerbelle! the paris ribbon tape is fab...also love mini moderns!x


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