Friday, March 9

people fund project

I've been waiting soooo long to get started printing my tea towels and mugs, that I've decided to try a fund raising website for art projects. I'm using and my project link will be live on Monday some time soon. I'll be posting the link then so if anyone reading this could spread the word, I'd be extremely grateful. I'm hoping to raise close to £3000 to print 100 of each tea towel and mug featured in this post. They will be the best quality printing in full colour, hence the costs involved! I'm going for digital printing on pure cotton for the tea towels and screen printing in 6 colours on bone china mugs, as I only like to drink tea from bone china! Please blog, tweet, facebook etc about this and help me raise the money required if you can. There will be nice rewards too, even for small donations. Thanks so much - I really appreciate any help in any way. xxx

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