Thursday, April 26

birthday day

Today is a day of birthday surprises - I woke up and was showered with presents! And a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at the door! I was presented with a gorgeous painting by my daughter and a box of chocolates, uniquely wrapped, from my son! Something I had asked for from Mum is this: Interiors Australia and New Zealand (by Mitchell Oakley Smith). It's beautiful! Here are a few snaps of my favourite pages so far.


  1. Happy birthday! What lovely gifts you received x

  2. Lovely book! Hope you have a great rest of birthday Nat!x

  3. Happy Birthday! And what a gorgeous book - I cannot find it on Amazon (US)! Looks very inspiring!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes Amanda, Rebecca and Dee!
    The thing about this book is that it's published in Australia and I think at the moment only available to buy there as far as I can tell. My mum was travelling from there so she got it in a bookshop, but it's definitely not on any of the Amazons yet. Hopefully it will be soon!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Nat.

    I've come by from the ABSPD course to say hello. Oh what lovely presents. Real flowers, a painting of flowers, chocolates and that book looks totally gorgeous.



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