Wednesday, January 16

Margaret Olley: Home

Whilst in Sydney I was lucky enough to go to the Margaret Olley: Home exhibition at the Museum of Sydney. It was amazing to say the least, and overwhelming, because, although not many paintings were displayed, her paintings have so much detail and colour, I couldn't take it all in and would have needed a couple of visits to feel I'd got the most from it. My favourite painting was her last, the triptych (above) of her 'yellow room', particularly the left panel with the natural light flooding in the window which she was such a genius at painting, perfectly capturing the 'colour' of natural light hitting the objects in the window.

In the exhibition there were 2 small areas with still life objects and furniture set up as they were in her home, next to paintings of those objects. 'A Life in Paint', a film about her paintings and home, was playing in the exhibition. This was also shown on the ABC (Australia) with people from her life talking about her and showing her home, which really is as full of stuff as it appears in the paintings. Apparently she had a vase of pomegranates still on display after 12 years! Of course they were all rotten! Her home is to be carefully dismantled and put into a museum. Shame they can't just make her home the museum!

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