Monday, December 14

Stig Lindberg

Over the weekend I was overwhelmed by the beauty of scandinavian-retro-vintage style. I was inspired by my post on tableware - particularly Figgjo Flint - to search for more designs of a retro style. I even started searching for retro mugs on ebay...
One such designer is Stig Lindberg (1916–1982), who was a Swedish ceramic designer, glass designer, textile designer, industrial designer, painter, and illustrator. He was one of Sweden's most popular designers, creating imaginative and unusual organic shapes which form the basis of his designs and make his strong recognisable style.

some images scanned from books, some from flickr


  1. Hi Nat, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - great to come across yours! I love your Stig Lindberg post - a favourite designer of mine - especially his ceramic designs.

  2. Just learned about Stig from a recent visit to the National Museum in Stockholm. I was familiar with his designs from Pinterest without knowing anything about the designer. I'll be trolling ebay for his ceramics in the future. His work is just wonderful, and it's great that he is so appreciated in his native Sweden.

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